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Section 1: There shall be three classes of membership in the Midwest Automotive Media Association. They shall be designated Working Media, Affiliate Member, and Retired Member. All members will have equal status though dues vary. (Amended, 2001)

Section 2: All new applicants must be sponsored by a working media or affiliate member. Any person desirous to join MAMA shall complete a membership application. The Membership Committee shall determine the qualifications of the applicant and determine acceptance into membership. Appeals from the Committee's decisions may be made to the MAMA Board, whose decision shall be final.

Section 3: Any member may apply for a change in membership status by submitting a request in writing to the Membership Committee along with material to support a change in status. Appeals from the Committee's decisions may be made to the MAMA Board, whose decision is final.

Section 4: Qualification for each class of membership, as well as voting and other rights and privileges, shall be as follows:

A. Working Media:

1. Qualifications---Those including, but not limited to, the following who describe and explain autos in print or electronic media: Editors; Automotive Journalists; Writers; Photographers; Illustrators; Freelance Writers; Reporters; Producers; TV and Radio Communicators; Graphic Designers.

2. These members may vote, hold office and participate in all association functions. These members will pay fees for association activities. (Amended, 2001)

B. Affiliate Membership:

1. Qualifications---Those who are engaged in Automotive Public Relations, Photography, Art, or an Advertising position which has substantial editorial involvement with Automotive Journalists, and Educators involved in automotive-related subjects, are eligible for Affiliate membership.

2. These members may vote and participate in all association activities. They may hold office with the exception of President, Senior Vice President and Vice President. (Amended, 2001)

C. Retired Member:

1. Retired membership status shall be granted to any Working Media or Affiliate Member who has been a MAMA member for more than three years AND no longer works in any automotive-related capacity.

2. Retired members have the ability to make motions, second, and vote. All fees shall remain corollary with Working Media. (Amended, 2001)

D. Member Guests:

Members may bring guests to regular luncheon meetings. The luncheon charge for guests will be $5 more than that paid by members.

Section 5: Upon recommendation of any members, and with the approval of the membership committee, the directors of the Association may name honorary non-voting members from whom no dues payment shall be required.

Section 6: Members who do not pay their dues within the last quarter of each calendar year or within one month of application will be automatically stricken from the rolls of the organization. In order to rejoin the organization, such individuals must reapply to the Membership Committee and prove again their qualifications. (amended, 2001)

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