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05 Apr 2021 3:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Car Talk with Click and Clack might have popularized car shopping and maintenance tips as entertainment worthy of radio waves, but the proliferation of podcasts has led to topics as varying as every make, model, and trim. MAMA members spend many hours on the road, and these portable podcast companions illuminate the latest news as well as interview guests and pop quizzes.

Some broadcasts can be caught on the AM radio, and in cars where that’s not possible (Volvo, Tesla, what’s the frequency?), there are podcasts, available wherever and whenever there is the internet.

Here’s a brief rundown of MAMA member podcasts that we like to lend an ear. Most can be found on the internet or through podcast platforms ranging from Apple Podcasts to Spotify.

Consumer Guide Automotive Car Stuff Podcast

The editorial team of Consumer Guide Automotive featuring host Tom Appel and co-host Damon Bell partners with co-host Jill Ciminillo in an honor roll of past MAMA presidents in this 50-minute weekly recap available online any time but also broadcast on WCPT AM 820 radio every Sunday at 1pm CST. The format bridges fun and fact with a news recap to start the set before a guest host takes this party of three into a fantastic foursome playing through a weekly quiz, new car review, and automotive ephemera from the week.

Drive Chicago Radio Podcast

The long-running radio show broadcast Saturdays from 8 a.m.- 9 a.m. on WLS-AM 890 extends life as a podcast. WLS News anchor Rob Martier joins co-hosts Mark Bilek, past MAMA president and current Senior Director of Communications for the Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA), and Jim OBrill, Director of Marketing for CATA, to present a weekly microcosm of the Chicago Auto Show. In addition to covering the weekly automotive news, the hosts interview a guest, review a specific model, and talk car shopping tips and maintenance advice.

True Road Trip Tales Podcast

At the crossroads of cars and rock ‘n roll is the road trip, and this upstart podcast features narrative-based stories of the road trips that define our lives and the playlists that rock our souls. Host and founder Scott Leff interviews a guest with insight from resident gearhead Brian Smith and a score from producer Tyson Ellert. MAMA VP Robert Duffer was featured in Episode 8 at the end of Season 1 in “Road Trip Reawakening.”

Cars.com Unscheduled Maintenance Podcast

Entering a third season, “Unscheduled Maintenance” is 20-minute podcast from Cars.com and hosted by Steve Gaede that focuses on car dealer marketing and the back-end of how dealer websites work, and how they don’t.

Pickup Truck + SUV Talk Podcast

This infrequent podcast builds off host Tim Esterdahl and co-host and MAMA member Jill Ciminillo’s live-streamed segments from their YouTube page, covering the latest pickup truck and SUV news, of course.

RoadWorthy Drive Podcast

The RoadWorthy Drive podcast is where mobility and technology meet the open road. This weekly podcast doesn't always "color between the lines" as MAMA member Ken Chester and Chase Siebert discuss and debate the various aspects of mobility and related technology. From your current daily driver to EVs, autonomous vehicles, micromobility, heavy trucks, and space travel, it's subject to be covered. Related issues such as privacy and security are also discussed. 


The Fast Lane Talkin’ Cars Podcast

While they’re not MAMA members, it’s worth noting this podcast. Fathers and sons, cars and trash talking, go together like gas and engines. Father-son duo Roman Mica and son Tommy take their charm and insights from the video reviews posted on TheFastLaneCar.com and apply it to this weekly hour-long podcast full of genuine laughs, filial bickering, and compelling automotive news of the week. The banter between these two is as fun as the cars they’re covering.

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